Monday, August 19, 2013

Time Well Spent

This week I decided to reward myself with a much deserved vacation from my paying job. Instead of making myself more exhausted by trying to coordinate a trip with some convoluted itinerary, I will be using this time to nail down and rock out the rest of The Harbinger. Or at least make a serious dent, if nothing else.

The plan is to use the format that pushed me to completion on the first book. That is to say, locking myself in a room for extended periods of time with enough sustenance to keep the body functioning, but not enough outside influence to allow the mind to wander. Sustenance includes: coffee, alcohol, bass guitar, and a wide variety of musical influences.

We're about 250 more visits to hit that magical first 10,000 visitor count. As of my post "10,000 Strong and Growing" the counter was around 9,100. I'm grateful for the continued outpouring of interest. Nothing motivates a person more than seeing that the work they do is not going to waste. Don't forget you've got at least two gifts heading your way when it happens.

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