Monday, May 27, 2013

Do Not

Not my best work, but I gotta make myself push something. I'm surprised my brain even composes this dreck these days. Don't judge me. Never mind. Judge me. Go for it. There's a comment button at the bottom and all, right? Do your worst.

Do not sleep
The world should rest
Along with you
And dream your dreams

Do not blink
The light from your eyes 
Should not be covered
Even for a moment

Do not cry
The rivers should dry
And oceans turn deserts
Before you shed a drop

Do not stop
Never a hesitation
Everything you are
Is important to someone

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Is it a shame to have not known your kiss
Or has its absence instilled upon me
The benefits of a fruitless endeavor?

Has the incessant throb of my chest
Opened a cavity within
That now nothing can fill?

Why must every spark of skin
The merest inflection of timbre
Cause me to crumble yet reach out?

How does your passing gaze
Fill me with such loathsome desire
That I question and fear my own mind?

From where did this torture spawn
And why is it taking me down
To a depth which houses only shadows?

These specters of rage and terror
Are beyond their humanity
Yet all of them have your eyes.