Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Midwinter Night's Dream

Last night I dreamt I dreamed a metaphor. It was short and vague, but clear enough to be able to pull something from it. I've been drowning in my mind having worked for most of the day and not able to write it down. But here it is - written on a whim - in about 5 minutes. Enjoy.

The shell surrounds me
It is a cage and yet a shield
The shell keeps me and saves me
I cannot be harmed
And can do no harm

Peaceful, content and serene
I allow the shell to envelop me
In this world and not of this world
I am kept whole
And desire nothing more

My feet are planted upon the firmament
That spans as far as my eyes can see
Nothing can impede my vision of this land beyond the shell
It is vast and full of life
And of death

I dream
Of sights and sounds and pleasures unknown
To one such as I
Yet even still I somehow dream
And am tormented by their reason

One of light shines in the distance
It is vague and hard to determine
Who or what manner of being
Can be so far
And so near

The being is She
She travels through the land
At a speed I almost cannot see
She is pure
And She tears through the shell

The split in the shell opens
Like a maw left agape
I am forced through the opening
I look down at my feet
And see I am the one moving ahead

The She lifts to the heavens
On wings made of light
I follow
Not caring where She goes
And not knowing if it matters

I advance upon She
As She climbs higher into the light
The scent of She
Intoxicates, invigorates
And presses one such as I to long for one such as She

The snow white toes
Lead ever upward to heel and leg and thigh
I extend my reach
Hoping to grasp skin
And feel the touch of purity

Our journey breaches the heavenly ceiling
She turns to look upon me
Just as flesh touches flesh
I am gone
I am lost
And I do not know why

The ascent halts
I am weightless as She travels on
Out of reach
My nightly wings are gone
And they cannot last in the sun's gaze

Plummeting below canopy of cloud
The expanse of earth rises to greet
I peer once more skyward
The She is gone
And lost forever

The pain shall be extraordinary
If only for a breath
I embrace it as I near the climax
The end
And the eternal

Eyes of mine force open
Rising to my feet
I turn and question my existence
And my meaning
And the shell surrounds me

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