Monday, January 28, 2013

It Lives!

Cheapo HP Laptop. Oh yeah.
I went out and bought a replacement laptop yesterday. I can now continue on about going on about goings on in my fictitious little Philadelphia story. Between being hounded from all sides, a new device to play with, and dreams telling me how to write this scene or that, I guess I'm now fully equipped to begin again.

It's a shame so much time is wasted working and such. If I could find a way to earn enough to live and eat and write without having to waste so much time "earning a living" I would be a happier person overall. I don't need things and I don't want things other than my utmost essentials, to be quite honest. I can live without a phone, without a Playstation, without an internet - no sweat.

What I need is to feel useful and to say that what I did today mattered to someone somewhere. That was the biggest draw to my fields of study. Architecture - I got to design structures that are (semi-) permanent and the emergency service buildings we built aided persons and communities that I'm sure I'll never know. Elementary Education - I shouldn't even have to list the reasons why going to education should be found useful. The problem is that teachers can't be the teachers they dreamed of becoming. But I digress.

I'm going to write again. Real soon. Promise.

Keep nagging though. Can't hurt.

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