Friday, November 23, 2012

Shh. You'll jinx it.

Upon receiving recognition from my new coworkers as a "published" author, I have suddenly found myself reinvigorated in my pursuit of literary accomplishments. That's the long-winded version of saying: People tell me they want to read it, so I should write it. I'm in a great relationship, I'm enjoying my new job, the bills are in order, and I'm overall starting to feel a bit better. So that means what?

That's right! Brain torture! I'm once again trying to read through T7H and making a "path of the hero" map and amateurish corrections as I stumble through. My plan is to one day release a definitive author's edition of all three books in the Blood Testament series in one package. As it stands now in my current progress, that's still a ways off. So no worries.

I think it's best that I continue to write here as I write and revise and rewrite the old and the new. I'll finish the review of T7H very soon to get myself back into the mood-slash-grind of the story, then pick up The Harbinger as soon as possible.

I feel good about this.

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