Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nanowrimo Update - 50K

The contest is over. The book is not. Saddening for the both of you I'm sure. I suppose I'm about two-thirds finished if it's any kind of consolation. Here's the thing though:

I am beat.

I've got family whose faces have become blurred in memory, friends who may or may not assume I'm still alive, and a veritable slew of potentials to date. Thank god for a locale where my passable looks, linguistic pseudo-intellect, and good guy charms have finally proven themselves useful.

Unfortunately, when I do manage to finish, I get to that part I didn't do so well the last time around. Namely, editing. As I've mentioned before, I like this story much better than T7H so maybe I won't want to set myself ablaze in self loathing as I read over what I wrote. The prizes I won from completing NaNoWriMo expire by the end of June I believe, so I'd expect another round of self-published books right around that time.

Time to hunt down a new round of artists for the cover of The Harbinger. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

50k is a lot! :D So you're closer to the end now... It's ok the Nanowrime is over, you may try it again if you feel like next year or so... The most important is your story itself and your LIFE to enjoy! Good luck with the cover :D