Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nanowrimo Update - 50K

The contest is over. The book is not. Saddening for the both of you I'm sure. I suppose I'm about two-thirds finished if it's any kind of consolation. Here's the thing though:

I am beat.

I've got family whose faces have become blurred in memory, friends who may or may not assume I'm still alive, and a veritable slew of potentials to date. Thank god for a locale where my passable looks, linguistic pseudo-intellect, and good guy charms have finally proven themselves useful.

Unfortunately, when I do manage to finish, I get to that part I didn't do so well the last time around. Namely, editing. As I've mentioned before, I like this story much better than T7H so maybe I won't want to set myself ablaze in self loathing as I read over what I wrote. The prizes I won from completing NaNoWriMo expire by the end of June I believe, so I'd expect another round of self-published books right around that time.

Time to hunt down a new round of artists for the cover of The Harbinger. Wish me luck.