Sunday, October 9, 2011

Full Speed Ahead

Things have been going well for me lately both personally and - well I wouldn't say professionally but - linguistically. I've got a series of new stories lined up that have been springing to mind as they sometimes do. One is biblical, one is psychological, and another is what it is. Whatever that is. I hope that I grant myself the time in the next few weeks to actually get to work on 1 or more of these to serve as practice for the next round of NaNoWriMo. Admittedly, I've been out of practice for for too long now.

I'm thinking that I should use NaNo as my medium to write The Blood Testament series. The plot for T7H's sequel is pretty much thought up and all it needs is to be written down. That's how I wrote the first one and I suppose it didn't turn out too bad.

Unlike T7H, I plan for The Harbinger extend beyond the 50,000 word limit and have it turn out to be a bit more thought-out and descriptive in nature. A lot more of it will have to do with the psyche of the main character and not simply the words and actions of an over-the-top antihero like Ark. The book will also be subject to far fewer outside sources prior to release which should help keep my own words where they are. In that regard, this book will most likely be more mature in nature. Sometimes my dreams are far scarier, sexier, or vulgar than T7H may have led readers to believe, but this time I plan to let the chips fall where they may. A lot more effort and work will stem from myself this time around as well as far as rereads and proofreads are concerned. Hopefully, that will make the book as a whole um, well, uh... better.

Expect more updates from me as I once again struggle valiantly against the twisted designs of The Office of Letters and Light during National Novel Writing Month 2011. Hopefully this year will be even more successful than the last.

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