Monday, June 20, 2011

Back on Track

Saturday. I hope Saturday will be the day I get someone to give me the last piece of the puzzle that will allow me to put T7H into paperback. Which means next week I can take a day and finish off the last little tidbits and get the book printed for the fifty-or-so people who've been waiting for it. In the beginning, the goal was to write and publish a book before GRRM managed to put out volume five of A Song of Ice and Fire. With a little luck, I still might be able to get that done. If not, hey, I will have written and published a book in just a few months while working at the same time. Still not a bad accomplishment. Less distractions and more time would be killer, though.

With what little time I have left in my mini-vacation (AKA two days off in a row) I'm trying to finish off the remainder of a short story that I began a lifetime ago. Maybe it was a month or so. Seems like longer. At any rate, I'm writing something and I feel good about it. I think this will make for 5 stories completed with an additional 3 in the works/planning/back of my head. Suggestions on how many I should put in the collection? Mind you, the faster I finish up the short stories, the faster I can get down to sequels.


Anonymous said...

Hi there James! (I didn't forget to make a review of your book, but as I've been quite sick lately, it may take a little more time), however, I suggest a number of 10 or "13" stories for your collection! :D

Jim said...

13, eh? Any reason why? I was actually thinking 12 because one of the book ideas I have is called The Twelfth (or XII, not decided).

Anonymous said...

Ah, twlve would work fine, too, I think. I thought initially about 13 because it is such a mystical number, you know... But again, it depends on what type of stories you are writing. If it's more towards horror, 13 would do it fine. If it is varied, 12 would do fine... But you are the brain behind the collection, so it's really up to you! Cheers!

dad said...

I especially like 13, being a Wilt Chamberlain fan!