Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time to Crash

After drawing over 400 visitors last month and an overall visitor count of over 1,000 in six months, I'm starting to realize that there may be some strange individuals out there who are actually interested in me.  I dunno about you, but those are pretty impressive numbers for little ol me.  It makes me sad to admit that I can't keep up on the writing schedule I had laid out for myself in order to build upon that interest.

I had hoped to at least finish writing The Harbinger and a series of shorties I have lined up before the end of the year, but this new job is - well, draining.  I'm grateful to have it and I can't thank my benefactor and friend for hiring then promoting me with such speed, but I'm also inwardly sad that I won't have any time to read or write.  During this time of year, I'm expected to put in a minimum attendance of 52-58 hours a week.  The money is good and the coworkers have been great, but what am I supposed to do?

I need to work to live, but I think I may have finally found my reason to live in writing.  Whether I magically take off as a professional writer or remain grounded as an unacknowledged indie writer, writing is what I do now.  I may have to look into procuring copious amounts of energy drinks and forego sleeping in the future.  I wonder if that caffeine IV drip scheme ever came to fruition... I used to be a gamer, sorry.

Anyway, I'll be doing my best to keep on movin on.  

Oh, PS - The proof copy came in for The Seventh Horn today.  The inside looks effin great, but the cover is a little lacking.  I'm going to spend part of tomorrow (my first day off in over a week) trying to up the resolution and clarity of the image and see what I can do about getting a better picture of myself.  I don't care for my appearance, so I've never been one to take pictures.  My shirt and tie combo, while makes me look human, doesn't adequately convey who I am.  I'm not professional-uptight-man.  I'm jeans-and-tee-guy.  Let's see what we can do about that, hm?  I'm also adding a little extra special piece to the paperback edition before final printing.  I think you'll enjoy it.  I know I did.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! It must have been really cool to have received this proof book, wans't it?

I just finished the Kindle version! And when I came to the last page I had the sensation of "What? Already? Isn't there any more pages?" because the book was so nice!

I enjoyed reading it a lot and will surely like to buy the next in line!

I will send you a short review of my thoughts regarding the book when I get more time. For now, thanks for writing! :D

Jim said...

yeah, it was short because it was initially written to participate in National Novel Writing Month which is writing a 50,000 word book in a month. it's kinda just a sample to see if I had any ability to do it and to see if people like it. the response has been great so the next two will be longer by far. thanks for the support!

Anonymous said...

Yapp, but also, what I really ment is that I liked the story sooo much that when I came to the end, I still wanted to have more! ;)

Jim said...

iiii know what you meant. don't worry, there's more to come and i'll spend time on it and not rush through it like a crazy person.