Sunday, May 8, 2011

Something Borrowed & Limitless

Went on a date the other day and took her to two movies after dinner.  Always the gentleman, I let her pick what she wanted to see and so we ended up with a chick flick and a mediocre action/sci-fi movie.  There's not a lot out there right now to be seen anyway.  Thor can bite me.

Something Borrowed is exactly what its title suggests.  Something was borrowed from every cliche chick movie I've ever seen.  There was that scene where the girl runs back to the guy in the rain to profess her love.  Theres a scene where the characters share a kiss in the middle of a busy road, for reasons which I was unable to deduce (none of the cars even so much as swerved or honked which I found to be the strangest part of that scene).  There's the goofy, comic relief, friend-of-the-main-character-who-is-obviously-in-love-with-her bit.

Maybe I've hung around with too many girls and seen more of these movies than a man should, but this movie made no sense.  The main love interest, while undoubtedly handsome, is a total coward and a bit of a bitch.  He  never makes up his mind, the women toss him around, and he just follows them around like a lost puppy. I was under the impression this behavior is unattractive in a man, but what do I know?  The aforementioned opposite sex sidekick gets his face literally bashed in as he's just trying to do his best for the main character and gets totally ignored.  Ignored not just by the girl, but by the movie script.  He professes his love, moves out of the country - and the story just leaves the poor bastard there.  That's not how these movies are supposed to work, people.  The cheating lovers who break up the marriage do not live happily ever after, that's a mutated version of infatuation masquerading as love.  The girl is supposed to recognize her best friend as the sane choice and that's your happy ending. Duh.

Limitless wasn't too bad.  I kinda like Cooper and DeNiro as actors and the story wasn't super outlandish or anything.  MC stumbles upon a drug that expands the limits of the mind's capacity to 100% and he becomes the equivalent of Brainiac, basically.  There's a physical price to pay and bad guys want it and chaos ensues pretty much as expected.  What was unexpected was the ending.  I don't know if you care enough to watch the movie and if you don't wanna know the ending, you may skip to the next paragraph.  Go ahead.  Throughout the course of the movie, the guy is constantly taking a drug, has to steal and lie to get ahead, yet comes out on top in the end.  He kills the bad guys, permanently augments his body with this drug somehow, and goes on to run the country.  My first reaction was, "Wasn't he supposed to learn a lesson?  Weren't we supposed to realize it's better to be yourself than to alter yourself to make you something you're not?  Say no to drugs?  Anything?"  Apparently not.  It's not a bad movie and there was blood drinking, which sufficiently freaked out my date which I enjoyed.  All in all, maybe give it a watch through when it gets Blu-Ray'd or RedBoxed.

In the end, I guess I can't complain too much.  Got some Cajun and was able to see two movies for the price of one and spent my first day off in over a week in a pretty enjoyable way.  I know I need to get back to the task at hand, but sometimes you just really need to get out, ya know?

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