Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Been a Long Day - So Shoot Me

While I am hashing out the vagueries of The Harbinger, I've decided to sneak in a few short stories.  I've found that I can have decent amounts of script pop in to my head during my work day, so I'm effectively writing and earning money at the same time.  They, of course, don't go hand-in-hand at the moment.  They might one day.  And yes, vagueries is a word if I want it to be.

I am currently writing one in honor of my ex-wife and her father.  While that might seem odd to everyone including myself, it'll be much clearer when I release it as part of my first short story mini-collection. I won't say the title because I love it so much, but you'll certainly know which one it is when you read them.

On a side note, I think that I may have found a term by which to define myself.  I've always responded with "stream of consciousness" when asked what my writing style is, but I don't think that entirely describes it.  I think I enjoy the term "absurdist" and plan to explore that genre, as it were.

Absurdist fiction (i.e. Vonnegut and Moore somewhat specifically) incorporates humor and a lack importance on mortality, as well as a general exploration of "nothingness."  Now, anyone who has ever been a teenager should understand the general and surface qualities which nothingness might mean.  Feelings of despair, loneliness, and emptiness, of course.  But it goes deeper than that by trying to find an importance of existence by investigating the world outside which might be presented on a silver platter or hung dangling just out of one's reach.  It allows a writer or thinker to discover the meaning of life while simultaneously remaining as far away from pretension as possible.

I'll admit that while T7H is not anywhere close to exploring the importance of life on Earth or debating the philosophies of human existence, it does somewhat touch upon the subject.  I initially had absolutely no intention of it being anything more than an enjoyable romp though a bleak vampire wonderland.  I think my short stories play upon the idea a bit more.  I really like the idea of messing with and bending the rules of morality in my work as well as trying to make myself laugh as often as possible while creating it.  It seems that when you really look at it, that is the essence of absurdist fiction.  Or maybe not, who the hell knows?  Like I went to school to learn any of this.

Yes, I've had a long day at work and have been drinking.  I apologize for my verbose and grandiose ramblings.  Please come back later, I promise to be normal by then.  Well, me-normal, anyway.

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