Friday, April 8, 2011

Second and Last Draft

Completed the suggested edits this evening and it feels like it took longer to do that than actually write the book. I did manage to shove the entire first draft process into one month, so it's very possible I spent more days doing revisions, I guess.  I think I'm just going to skim over what I've got on the Nook and pop it on up for e-publishing. I really want to get started on something else and having this constantly looming over me is kind of a buzz kill.  I started writing because I enjoy it.  Gotta do something to keep it fresh and interesting for me.  I've got a couple short stories lined up.  That should be fun.  Maybe I'll even slap em all together into a collection sometime in the future.  Hell, I haven't even read anything in weeks.  I'm obviously really burnt out right now, so I bid you adieu.

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