Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Excerpt: Amalgamations and Cacophonies

Men, women and children jumbled together in settings while scenarios melded together into hideous, nightmarish landscapes.  Bloodshot eyes were located in the center of the most beautiful of daisies and human arms protruded from the oaks.  The blades of grass were stainless steel and ivy was razor-wire.  The sky was on fire, blood poured from the clouds, and icicles hung from the sunbeams.  Vaguely misshapen human bodies twitched as they remained impaled on the dangerous flora across the landscape.  One man had a triangle for a head while others had ears, eyes and mouths which were scrambled upon their faces.  In the distance, an enormous fuchsia and teal spotted spider bore a multitude of newborn baby faces where its insectoid eyes should have been and it walked upon legs made of glass.  Ark was immobilized as the disturbing scene played out before him and the baby-headed arachnid slowly and carefully made its way toward him.  Monstrous legs clicked and clacked across the bladed grass field and as it approached him, it raised a shimmering leg.  With a quick jab, it pierced through his face and he found himself returned to the world of the living with a scream.

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