Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Ahead of Myself

Very Early Cover
I couldn't sleep last night because I was having one of those unbidden brainstorm evenings.  It began with thinking about needing to get to work on The Seventh Horn and ideas for the prequel began to flood in.  Initially, The Harbinger was not only a totally separate story, but it was told from a totally different point of view.  I was struck with the notion to flip the roles of the heroes and villains of the story and the biblical references in my mind just exploded in response.  

If you don't know me well enough yet - I spent 10 years in a Christian school.  I am now armed with enough theological information to be sufficiently sacrilegious at great length.  Sure, I've taken creative liberties in order to make these stories, but it amuses me how much bible-speak I've managed to tie in.  Dan Brown did it in The Da Vinci Code and everyone wanted to crucify him.  Imagine that, but without the pretentiousness and a lot of swearing instead.  Oh, and vampires.  Maybe it's more like an elongated, uncensored episode of Supernatural.  Whatever.

Anyway, after I managed to entertain myself with my new premise, more kept pouring in and I ended up with at least 10 more ideas for short stories.  It's slightly annoying that I did so because I'm in the middle of writing two and have another 12 lined up even before getting to the ones that popped up yesterday.  It's never a bad thing to have too many ideas, I guess.  I'm eager to write something anything, but The Flying Spaghetti Monster answered my prayers and I don't have enough time to do so right now.  Gotta work, gotta earn money, gotta edit, gotta sleep, gotta live.

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