Monday, February 28, 2011

Seventh Horn Cover Art

The cover art for the book is finalized (I hope).  It took some edits, some reworks, some words exchanged - but that's in the past and it's done.  While not what I was initially expecting and Ark's hair is a bit too blonde and slightly emo - I think it still makes for a presentable book cover.  Thanks and credit goes to Ryan Vogler for his time and energy spent making this piece for me.  Now onto final edits and e-book publication due in April 2011.  I'm planning on special pricing for my friends and "fans" for the initial run.

While I'm here, let me note that I appreciate any comments, words of praise, or bashing you may feel necessary to inflict upon me.  I guess I don't appreciate the bashing - but criticism is sometimes as helpful as kindness.  Tell me what you think and participate, dammit.


Isis Sousa - CG Artist 2D said...

Hi there James! It has been quite joyful to follow your posts. Congratulations for your book cover. I got well curious to know more about the story. I would like to come up with with better feedback for the cover itself, but I don't know what you have requested the artist and how he/she fulfilled your expectations. So far, the image looks quite mysterious...
Anyways, wish you success! :D

Anonymous said...

I am excited to see how this works out for you! Best of luck from your #1 fan!

Cassey said...

Since you aren't a household name yet, it would probably be better to have the title larger than the author name.

There should probably be some atmospheric perspective on the cityscape. I can't tell if he's on a cliff/overlook.

The font is too thin in some places, especially the smaller text.

Jim said...

Thanks Cassey, I see what you're saying on all accounts here. The name up top - well, I liked the way it turned out in this arrangement the best. The art - it is what it is at this point. I see what you mean with the perspective, though. The font - meh. That is all.