Monday, February 28, 2011

Seventh Horn Cover Art

The cover art for the book is finalized (I hope).  It took some edits, some reworks, some words exchanged - but that's in the past and it's done.  While not what I was initially expecting and Ark's hair is a bit too blonde and slightly emo - I think it still makes for a presentable book cover.  Thanks and credit goes to Ryan Vogler for his time and energy spent making this piece for me.  Now onto final edits and e-book publication due in April 2011.  I'm planning on special pricing for my friends and "fans" for the initial run.

While I'm here, let me note that I appreciate any comments, words of praise, or bashing you may feel necessary to inflict upon me.  I guess I don't appreciate the bashing - but criticism is sometimes as helpful as kindness.  Tell me what you think and participate, dammit.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scratch That

That last post.  Scratch that.  I was getting too stressed out about getting what I wanted on the cover while working with the previous artist.  She and her partner are undoubtedly talented and I regret not being able to follow through on our progress, but I've gone another direction.  Check out the new illustrator's deviantArt portfolio here.

Additionally, I've pushed back the publication date to mid-April due to a light bulb of marketing brilliance.  It will also give me time to nail down the remaining edits from my editor(s).  Have I mentioned that I hate the editing process?  I've always just typed - saved - printed - stapled - handed in.  This whole other proofreading phase is a nuisance.  A necessary nuisance - but a nuisance nonetheless.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cover Art For Realsies

Silly things I used to make
I'm so happy when my stuff becomes a reality.  That was the best part of designing for an architect.  I'd spend hours burning my eyes and brain out in front of a computer.  Those lines one day transfer to blueprints.  And one day those papers become a monstrous structure which you can walk through.  That mess of colored lines that I had drawn months prior would stand erected before me.  It's kind of an amazing feeling.  No matter who much a client or contractor might have destroyed your initial vision, it is now a thing.  It's real.

To that end, my new Frankenstein monster is about to get shot with a bit of life.  My writings are nearing their external editing process which will lead to a few revisions on my part and publications will follow shortly thereafter.  I've decided on a very talented artist who has agreed to destroy Philadelphia for me to serve as the cover for The Seventh Horn.  I'm very excited to say the least.  She will be working in conjunction with a fellow artist to create a final product and, from the looks of things, it shall be very impressive.  Her sample images can be found on her deviantART portfolio as well as her website.  Feel free to check in on her dA site, it appears that she might be planning to update the image there as she creates it.  You'll just have to take my word that her partner -in-crime is quite talented as well.

I expect The Seventh Horn to be available for purchase right around March 1, 2011.  It will initially only be available in e-book format on the Barnes and Noble website, so get your apps, programs and devices ready now!  Physical print publications may become available in the future if I feel silly enough to do so or perhaps if requested (or bribed - hint, hint).