Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sans Being Butchered By a Real Editor...

Yet another stand-in cover
Blood Testament - The Seventh Horn is complete!  It's short having been originally written for National Novel Writing Month and it might not be very good - but its done!  Here are a few extra details about the book.

Local Interest: The entirety of this book is based in (the ruins of) Philadelphia. It walks, jogs, and runs its way from Washington Square Park to the University of Pennsylvania to a special little locale down on Columbus Boulevard.

Pitch: Ark awoke with powers he didn't ask for, surrounded on all sides by people who despise him for who he is. It certainly hasn't changed their feelings about him now that he's dead. He was always a bit of a loner and always a bit of a chauvinistic coward, but people no longer want to avoid him - they want him dead. On the other hand, the dead seem to understand his thirst for power and offer him a place in their community of psychopaths and murderers. Only one person is keeping his untapped powers from destroying the world and she seems to think that he happens to be a messenger from God. Will it be salvation that Ark chooses or will the dark embrace prove too strong to resist?

Anecdotes: I devised the idea for this book as an afterthought for its prequel Blood Testament - The Harbinger.  This book talks about what happens centuries after the events that happen in that tale.  I attribute the general premise of this series to having watched too many episodes of Supernatural with my significant other.  Since this was a rushed book (having had to write it in thirty days) and it being my first one, I didn't mind so much if it was a goofy story about an anti-hero vampire who swears a lot.  The funny thing is - I'm told that your first works as a writer are almost always autobiographical in some manner.  Now having gone back and read what flew out of my fingers in that month-long debacle of writing, I have to say that I believe it must be true.  At any rate, The plan is for this series to span a total of three books, culminating in the finale Blood Testament - The Charred.  It might actually happen, who knows?

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