Friday, January 14, 2011

Missing In Action

Picture completely irrelevant.  I just enjoy C&H.
I know that there isn't really a significant amount of people who read this, and these posts are mostly for my own practice/sanity, but i feel bad for not having kept up on it recently.  I spent all of November writing like a maniac, December was filled with the wonderful world of retail during the holidays, and January has just plain sucked.  I'm now unemployed, single, and I've been sick for the past week or so.  It has been truly miserable.

I've been trying to get back to The Seventh Horn to finish that up and get it ready for publication in one form or another.  Have to tie up loose ends and edit what I can.  Thankfully (and hopefully she sticks with me) I've found someone who may be willing to do some cover art photography for the books in the future.  That makes me feel a little bit better.  I get some motivation out of making my writing feel a bit more real and not just something stupid I'm doing to waste time.  Don't get me wrong.  I love writing and allowing the filmstrip of words to play out in my head is great.  But its easier to procrastinate and be self-defeating without constant reminders that this isn't necessarily the stupidest thing I've ever done.  I've got a lot of those; I don't need any more.

Making it 'real' is something that is important to me.  I get that from how I've explained to other why I went into the fields of study that I did.  I went into building design because I'm a math/logic person coupled with an art/creative person and voila! - architecture.  The best part of the job was envisioning something and making it a reality.  It was like living art (until outside sources typically destroy the vision).  The biggest problem that I had with architecture was the same fault i found in following my father's footsteps into engineering.  If you delve into that line of work, you leave little time for your personal/family time.  As great as the pay might be sometime, I don't want to sacrifice time spent with my children to acquire it.  So as much as I might have enjoyed architecture, in the long run it just wasn't for me.

I then moved to Florida and began to go to college for elementary education.  I think children are awesome and it saddens me to see the not-so-gradual and oh-so-evident decline of society.  What better way to help shape the future and make a visible change in a child's life that may one day change the world?  I had the same type of expectations for the field of education that I did for architecture.  Working to create a visible change.  I know that I had teachers who did that for me, its only fair that I try to pay it forward (thanks to Mr. Washburn for making a literary impact on my life, wherever he may be).  The only thing is - have you seen the education system recently?  Its almost impossible for someone such as myself to make headway in an environment such as that.  It is a world that is coming close to impeding a child's learning as much as it aids it.

So I turn to degree in English.  I have high hopes for this field because it allows for so many possibilities.  My initial hopes are to teach high school and to write in some manner on the side.  Whether the writing consists of newspapers, websites or novels, I want to to write because it has always been the one thing that I have inherently succeeded in and actually enjoyed.  It also fulfills that drive to create.  To work and make and create for you and those around you to enjoy is one of the best goals that a person can strive for.

I have no idea what I began writing about and I'm quite sure that this has been completely uninformative in regards to my initial idea - if there was one.  That's kinda how I write anyway.

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