Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Over! Just Kidding.

I won! - Back to work.
Well, I completed what was necessary in order to finish up on NaNoWriMo this month and I have to say I'm actually quite pleased with what I've got.  Unfortunately, that also means that I'm not finished.  Yes, the fifty-thousand word document supposed to be completed by its thirty day deadline, but fifty thousand words does not a novel necessarily make.  So, I'm still finishing it up and when that's complete, then comes proofreading, editing and revisions.  

I don't think I've gone back and edited a paper or document that I've worked on in fifteen years or so.  Even in college, I just wrote what falls out of my head, printed it, and slapped it in my professor's greedy little palms.  I guess maybe if they had blasted me for my shoddy craftsmanship, I might've been a little bit more likely to learn to go back and revise.  If people were to pile heaps of praises on your piles of garbage, you'd never demand more of yourself to produce more than garbage.  You'd never ascend to that next level of ability.  You just end up remaining content with, "Well, it's better that that guy's I guess, so I'm good."  That probably sounds egotistical and pompous, but that's not what I mean.  I just happen to have a small taste of natural affinity towards linguistic skills whereas maybe some others do not.  But, that's okay.  They excel at other things that I lack in, so it balances out.  That's what makes us a diverse society.  

It's like the all-star football player who's been told his whole life that he's the best.  So he starts thinking that he shouldn't try as hard.  He falls behind in his practice and no longer cares to read the play book.  Next thing he knows, he's being surpassed by the new, fresh players on the field and he's become a simply mediocre player.  Well, mediocrity sucks.  It's somewhere you sometimes end up, not something you strive for, America.  I don't want to be average and neither should you.  Find what you're good at and do it.  No, shut up.  Do it.  Maybe you don't get paid for it, maybe you can't make a career of it.  Perhaps it's just a hobby that will bring fulfillment to your life.  Nobody wants to get to the end of the road, look back at their travels, and have to try to desperately remember how the hell they got there.  You can sleep at the wheel on the way to work like I do, but don't sleep-drive through life.

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