Friday, November 12, 2010

The Seventh Horn - Excerpt 2

He sat, awaiting the impending destruction of all the lives that didn’t deserve living anyway. He talked to himself and discussed things to help reinforce the fact that he should go along with this genocide. When they get to hell, I hope they all look at that little bitch and just slap her around for getting them all killed. I tried to be nice, what else am I supposed to do? I’m a vampire, they’re just lucky that they got these few extra hours to live since I’ve arrived anyway. He was right in that fact. Any other vampire wouldn’t be walking around taking in the sights. They wouldn’t be conversing with the townsfolk and allowing little screaming children to run off to alert the authorities. No, any and every other member of the Vampyr would have swiftly decimated every form of sentient life in the area without hesitation. They would’ve carved their name into the still living flesh of the human who had misheard their name. They would’ve decapitated the priest who reprimanded them about their ethics. A Vampyr would have ripped a little whimpering child in half. That’s what vampires did. It’s about high time I joined those fucking devil-spawns then. Come on, meatbags. Bring it on.

The tolling of the bells could be heard in the distance followed by a few short blasts of gunfire. They had gotten Maggie’s message and they couldn’t wait to march to their collective death, it seemed. True, for any other vampire, a decent-sized group of individuals could overpower a single bloodsucker, not withstanding a few casualties. Ark wasn’t just any vampire though. The human refugees of the university had never witnessed anything like him before. Nobody had. What monster could kill a human with a thought? What vampire could drink a human from a hundred feet away? They had no idea what sort of killing machine they were about to face. They thought it was just your everyday, run-of-the-mill killing machine. Little did they know, and little did he know, that Ark had the potential to be one of the most powerful beings on Earth. All the same, here they came. The lambs walked to the slaughter with their heads held high. The undying arms of the abyss waited for them just ahead.

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