Friday, October 29, 2010

NaNoWriMo: Mental Prepration

So, the beginning of this thing I signed up for is almost upon me.  I'm already feeling like I shot myself in the foot with this.  One thousand six hundred and sixty seven words on average per day is a lot of commitment for an entire month.  The most recent short story that I completed topped out at just over two thousand words.  This is quite a large leap from one to the next.  I hope that I have the material and the willpower to make it through this self-imposed ordeal alive.  

I suppose its beneficial to me that I am a goal-oriented type of person and that there is a definitive goal at the end that I would like to achieve (not to mention the perks of actually attaining said goal).  My plan was/is to write short stories and get them published as often as I could in hopes of getting a foot in somewhere.  I can continue with that plan and also have a completed and actually printed novel as incentive as well if that should happen.  I feel that the likelihood of this actually coming to fruition is about as possible as hitting it big in Hollywood - but maybe I don't have to make it to Hollywood.  Maybe appearing in a Broadway show or even being a local playhouse actor would be okay with me.  Forgive me the acting metaphors, please.  Writing is really something I do enjoy participating in so as cool as it would be to sign a movie deal derived from my New York Times bestselling novel, I would enjoy just having my stuff get out there in some fashion one day.

I would get the same enjoyment from writing a books as I did from designing buildings in architecture.  Your work becomes substance and it has the potential to affect someone or something.  It makes a mark.  That's really why I wanted to teach children as well.  Besides being something I seemed to be rather good at, I wanted to leave a lasting impression on children for the better.  I had one of those teachers who instilled the need to read at a young age and I think its only fair that all children get to experience that teacher at least once.  I hope that one day I'll run into Mr. Washburn and be able to tell him how his efforts so greatly impacted my life.

Anyway, back to preparing the meal for the novel-monster.  Wish me luck.

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