Saturday, September 18, 2010

The 2 Out of the 3 R's I Care About

A few days ago I figured I would start up on a new book.  I chose Stephen King's Insomnia because 1) He is unique and entertaining at times.  At least he was at some point.  2) I seem to be suffering from insomnia, so its somewhat ironic and amusing.  Thus far, not much has happened, but I'm terrified and probably for the wrong reason.  King is supposed to be this masterful horror writer and yet I'm really only concerned that this will eventually happen to me.  Not monsters and other dimensions, mind you.  I'm concerned about not sleeping ever.

Additionally, I've begun writing actual writing on the side when my mind lets me.  I think its great, but I'm also a self-defeatist slash perfectionist when it comes to my own work.  I also seem to come up with better ideas before I've concluded the story I'm on.  I wonder how professional writers deal with this.  Should I write down my ideas and just keep hacking away at the piece I'm on or do I flip-flop around?  I'd probably never get anywhere if I did that, I suppose. I've toned down my approach to only writing short stories because I would like to get my foot in the door somehow someday and I understand that throwing your novel around to people doesn't get you very far passed the ever-growing mountain of papers in the corner of some editor's office.

The first short story that I shared received pretty decent reviews, so that got me a bit more motivated.  One person even referred to it as, "a personal literary triumph."  I thought that was pretty cool, even if they were blowing it way out of proportion.  Everyone needs a little push now and then, right?

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